Number 6 – Femme Cyclon


Battlestar Gallactica’s Number Six in all her various versions has to be the sexiest humanoid robot, and definitely deserving of a mention in the Femme Fatale clips.

IF you have never watched this brilliant series, the video clip gives you a glimpse.  I own the complete series on DVD


Lascivious – edgy lingerie to inspire

LASCIVIOUS – this might just be my new favorite lingerie collection

Erotic and Hypnotic. Most of us have fantasized at some point of doing something daring, erotic, naughty, in an elevator. Well, this artistic ad. compaign by Lascivious certainly takes this to new heights!

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The Iceman, the Virgin, and the Dominatrix

I admit, I am a Cumberbitch.  I have been a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, way before he received any attention here in the US.   As the villain in the new Star Treck In to the Darkness film, I am glad he is receiving the attention he deserves.  I have the DVD ofSherlock Holmes, Series II – BBC. This is my favorite episode.  This scene s from “The Scandal in Belgravia”. Love that Irene is a Dominatrix, and although she is most definitely a Femme Fatale, she meets her match in Holmes – the pulse has it!

Matador – Review #1

Matador, Directed by Pedro Almodovar
Stars: Assumpta Serna  Antonio Banderas  Nacho Martinez
Year: 1986.  Spanish with English subtitles
Matador compilation 2
What do a particular matador and a female sadist have in common?
Blood lust.

It isn’t everyone whose adrenal glands are so blocked that they need to ride roller coasters endlessly or sky dive without parachutes or whatever. But in this wicked and wickedly clever 1986 movie, viewers get to nuzzle up to the twisted inner workings of some characters I find quite lovely and charming.
A retired matador whose aged reflexes keep him out of the ring. And a quite fetching woman who, early on, wraps herself around her casual lover and leaves the most perfect, round lipstick imprint on the base of his neck. Having somewhat similar sympathies and a dislike of protracted agony without ecstasy, I’m quite glad that her hatpin is sharp as she imitates the ritual of life and death in the bullring with an estocada. The moment that she plunges the estoca in, the moment that he’s paralyzed, inflamed and erect and beyond reason – that final, fleeting gasp of breath – how priceless. It sends her quite over the edge.

I do admire a woman who knows what She wants.